Our office focuses on the architectural and urban design of a wide spectrum of projects, from city planning, new urban quarters, urban renewal, residential neighborhoods as well as new office, commercial, and public buildings.


Our recent work includes new quarters
in Jerusalem and Tel-aviv as well as new neighborhoods in The Galilei.


The office was established in Jerusalem in 1980 by David Guggenheim and Alex Bloch.

In 1995 as a result of the untimely death of Alex Bloch, the office was management only by David Guggenheim. In 2011 Shelly Guggenheim Joined the office, and The Tel-Aviv branch was established.


Since it was established, the office won many design competitions including the RECHTER Prize, its work has been largely published and exhibited.


Our award-winning work has been recognized in Israel and abroad for its uniqueness and search for excellence and human value planning and design.