Ayalon Park

Transforming an Icon of Abuse to an Icon of Healing and HopeAn 800 acr “green lung” In the  Heart of Tel-Aviv
The purpose of the plan is:
To create from what is today a waste land, a wonderful huge nature Park for the people of Tel-Aviv.
To create a flood control system which both protects the surrounding city from future floods while creating a big lake.
To create out of the ugly “Hirtya* Dump a beautiful giant nature sculpture which will be seen all the way to Tel-Aviv- the Tel-Aviv “Full Mountain”
To provide facilities for sport, leisure and culture
to finance the development at the edge of the park.
It is proposed to create a huge green belt along the roads which will be higher then the road and the park.
This green belt will serve as acoustic buffer, as protection from floods and embellishment of the view along the surrounding roads. It will be also a beautiful sight along the road to and from Tel Aviv.