The Versailles Memorial

A   Yard of Cypresses surrounded by bare concrete walls that define the memorial place in front to the site of the disaster. The Yard is located next to the site but at the same time turning back to it – The idea is to create a place that takes the visitor to a specific memory  related to this specific memorial .
The exposed concrete wall with stone frame and the concrete slot with the names of the victims expresses clarity and transparency on the one hand and on the other hand it’s roughness   and  rudeness express the feelings of  rupture and the intensity of the disaster. The ” carpet ” of pottery fragments that on one hand it has  warm colors but on the other hand it is sharp and rough , creates ” noise” and discomfort while walking on it, while the entire surface slopes to the names – You didn’t  arrive to ornamental garden but to a Garden of Memory ”

In order to express the Conflicted situation  23 trees were planted as  the number of victims , a symbol of life and continuity .

The  monument is built in dimensions that allow intimate encounters and places for small groups, as well the whole space can be a place for a large group as the monument  is like a stage – Wreaths – sort of a new legend basis of memory – as part of a cognitive map of the city.

.The project was designed in collaboration with Designer david tartakover