Yad Vashem

The building is situated on the northern slopes of the Yad Vashem site, close to the other Yad Vashem sites, such as the archive, museum, etc., so that the students will naturally use the entire site as a place for study.The building is accessed from a road sloped northwards, directly from the site entrance, through a special pass that is cut into the mountain “the Family Pass” to a square that serves as the entry to the school and the archive building “the Family Square”.
The building
The building is seated in the northern slope of the Yad Vashem Memory Hill and constitutes a continuous construction of the new archive building, both of which constitute a constructed base on the mountain.
The school itself is a 3-4 floor terraced building on the northern slop where from the center of the square towards west is a “street” that constitutes the heart of the school. The first two floors serve mainly as classrooms on the northern front with the special northern illumination.
To the south there are offices and various service functions, which open to the internal courtyards. The building includes 20 classes, 2 seminars, a big auditorium for 320 students, a pedagogical center – library, multi-media center, management offices, publishing house, center for curriculum planning, etc.

The project was designed in collaboration with Arch. Daniel Mintz.
Interior design of the project was designed by Arch. Irit Guggenheim.