George Evans Auditorium

The Auditorium is part of the new campus evolving in Sdeh Boker. As part of the main entrance to the new campus, the auditorium is designed  functionally and spatially as a continuous experience from the Main Entrance Square to the lobby to the Lecture Hall ending in the Desert Garden. The transparency of the entrance facade defines the northern edge of the Entrance Square and allows continuity into the lobby of the auditorium. The lobby is perceived an integral part of the Entrance Square, illuminating the square in the evenings. The lecture hall is permeated by daylight through several apertures which are can be closed when necessary. The lower rows of the lecture hall  penetrate the main aperture becoming landscape elements of the desert garden. The conceptual  continuity enables variety of special  enchainment:This enchainment allows hosting different multifaceted events. Special clarity is achieved trough the treatment of the desert light and its filtration.

.The project was designed in collaboration with Arch. Daniel Mintz