Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is an isolated urban settlement in the middle of the desert, about 850 meters above sea level. Its special location on the edge of the Ramon Crater gives the place huge potential as the view from the city toward the crater is breathtaking and unique.The city was built at the 50th, and develop slowly through the years.
The project offers a strategic plan to renewal the old area of the city by:
1 . Improving quality of life of all its users: residents, workers, consumers and visitors.
2 . Strengthening the region’s unique status as an urban center.
3 . Improving the quality and organization of public spaces: streets, public spaces and public buildings for the benefit of all users.
4 . Balancing between conflicts like – commercial and residential, tourism and education, arid climate and outdoor use.
5 . Emphasize the uniqueness of the place.