Latrun Memorial

.The memorial for Unit 252 attempts to create a “place” rather than a monumentThe memorial allows you to experience the “open “of the plateau on top and allows you to experience the somber dark and introvert of the “labyrinth” at the bottom.  The visitor has the combined experience of breathtaking open view with the oppressive atmosphere in the inside that reaches everywhere and everyone. The materials that combine to make the memorial are simple and basic. The plateau at the roof is made of simple timber planks. Through the crevices between the planks the light penetrates into the “Labyrinth”. The walls of the “Labyrinth” are made of large .blocks of river stones in form of cubes encased In iron wire mesh.{used in the construction of bunkers}. The floor is made of cast rough concrete with embedded unpolished pieces of timber that continues to make also the flight of stairs and seating areas.