In The corner of the National Park on the north-western shore of the Sea of Galilee, was built in 1899 the Pilgrims Hostel, to host pilgrims visiting the region’s holy sites. Owned by the German Company for the Holy Land, the Hostel was abandoned during World War Two, and since the establishment of the State of Israel, the historical buildings have served as a Youth Hostel.
At The end of the 20th century the Site has been refurbished and extended; in an attempt restore the original role as a hostel for pilgrims.
The goal of the project was to preserve and renew the existing buildings while forming an elegant connection to the new buildings.
It is a classic example of appropriate integration into the landscape wile taking maximum advantage of the site. The modern use of local buildings materials and continued development of the place traditional details has be done with sensitivity, without artificial dependence on existing elements. Thus carved volcanic stone, decorative paving, arches and an acceptable number of concave ceilings, exist together in harmony.
The renewed Hostel of 6,000 sqm. Offers sixty five guest rooms, 4 staff apartments, seminar rooms, a cafeteria, a restaurant, offices and shops.
Particular attention was paid in developing the site, preserving the unique greenery cultivated over many years by the botanist Shlomo Ilan, long timt manager of the youth hostel.

The project was designed in collaboration with Arch. Nikolas Rossini, Cologne Germany.
Interior design of the project was designed by Arch. Irit Guggenheim.